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Civil War Times
"VG a vital addition to the bookshelf
of every Civil War aficionado"

Just when you thought it was impossible for anyone to produce anything new and exciting about the Battle of Gettysburg-after all, the battle has been "done" in nearly every format, ad infinitum-along comes Virtual Gettysburg. With licensed Gettysburg Battlefield guide Gary Kross narrating, Virtual Gettysburg takes you on an interactive, personally guided tour of 21 sites on the battlefield of July 1-3, 1863.

At each site (seven for each day), a panoramic vista treats you to a 360-degree view of the battleground, while Kross explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how of that particular location. As the tour unfolds, a map pinpoints your current location, direction, and field of view; photographs show key personages mentioned in the narration; and a simple click of the mouse enables you to highlight points of interest as Kross describes them. The user-friendly format allows you to delve deeper into the subject at hand by exploring maps, period photographs, and monuments.

Another helpful tool is the accompanying 118-page guidebook, which includes most of the text of Kross's narration, with black-and-white photographs and maps. After taking the virtual tour via your computer, you can physically travel to Gettysburg and take an actual tour, using the set of three audio CDs included in the package, which contain Kross's entire narration.

A very welcome feature of this CDROM is its compatibility with both PC and Mac systems. That, combined with its easily accessible format and comprehensive treatment of this crucial battle, makes Virtual Gettysburg a vital addition to the bookshelf of every Civil War aficionado.
Brenda Wilt, Civil War Times
Vol. XLI No. 6, December 2002

Brenda Wilt
Civil War Times, Vol. XLI No. 6, December 2002

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Thank you for the prompt shipment of my Virtual Gettysburg. It's exactly what I have been looking for. How great to see the battlefield from all angles and the narrative to boot.

The most frustrating thing about being a Civil War buff is the inability to visualize the battlefield while reading the accounts. You've brought the battle to life right on my computer and enabled me to go step-by-step throughout the battle at my own pace. It's a fantastic product and I have shared your site with a number of my Civil War enthusiast friends in the hopes that they will order it rather than risk being refused the loan of my copy.

Frank Barden, via eMail


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