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Civil War Times
"VG a vital addition to the bookshelf
of every Civil War aficionado"

Just when you thought it was impossible for anyone to produce anything new and exciting about the Battle of Gettysburg-after all, the battle has been "done" in nearly every format, ad infinitum-along comes Virtual Gettysburg. With licensed Gettysburg Battlefield guide Gary Kross narrating, Virtual Gettysburg takes you on an interactive, personally guided tour of 21 sites on the battlefield...

Brenda Wilt
Civil War Times, Vol. XLI No. 6, December 2002
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Gettysburg College
"A Tremendous Accomplishment!"

“Virtual Gettysburg” is a tremendous accomplishment. The user can select almost any spot on the battlefield and study the terrain in all directions. It is almost like being right here at the Gettysburg National Military Park. The maps and panoramic images, coupled with excellent historic photographs, a complete set of pictures of all the monuments, and Gary Kross’s excellent audio tour, make this an invaluable resource for students, scholars, Civil War buffs and future tourists.

I am so impressed with what Stephen Recker has assembled that I have ordered copies of Virtual Gettysburg for all my incoming students in The Gettysburg Semester.

J. Matthew Gallman
Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era
Director of Civil War Era Studies, Gettysburg College

Military History Online
"The only thing missing is the gun smoke..."

This is a professional production presented in a great package that includes the interactive Virtual Gettysburg program cd-rom, three audio tour CDs, with an accompanying booklet that includes all of the narrative (or close to it). The tour was written and is narrated by Gary Kross; a well respected Licensed Battlefield Guide at the park for over 20 years. I personally checked with several of my LBG friends who have nothing but awe when speaking of Mr. Kross’ knowledge and insights...

A Product Review by Bruce Bump
Military History Online
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Tigrett Corp.
"Bring the Battlefield Alive in the Classroom!"

You may put us down as firm believers in the product. Virtual Gettysburg gives an instructor the option of choosing from 21 optional tours--an instructor's dream for putting together a personalized course. In addition, Virtual Gettysburg has excellent photographs of the key officers, as well as the monuments, adding the visual element that is so critical to any study of a battle.

In our leadership lessons from history workshops, we have always combined historic readings with visits to battlefield sites, and this new medium now allows us to bring the battlefield to the students when they can not make a long trip to the site. Our recent experience in Florida with Virtual Gettysburg proves that you CAN bring the battlefield alive in the classroom!

Antigoni and Everett Ladd
Tigrett Corp.-Leadership Lessons from History

I just purchased a copy of the Virtual Gettysburg yesterday at Greystones in Gettysburg and I'll tell ya....this is the most amazing piece of software I've ever seen and well worth the money.

I am the webmaster for Gettysburg Battlefield Online and a resident of Gettysburg. I would like permission to add your link to my website and tell others about it.

Frank M., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, via eMail

Thanks for the newsletter. I think the product is great. When I get the Gettysburg bug I can turn on my computer. The photography is great, the narrative is great and I love it. Thanks again!

P.S. I teach high school history and am planning to show part of the cd to my class via a data projector next year so that they can see it too.

Carolyn I., Seymour, Connecticut, via eMail

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