Gettysburg News

Stephen Recker Recognized
as one of the "Top 100 Producers" by
AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine

While vacationing in Gettysburg, Recker "fell spellbound, and knew I had found my story." Recker took that story and produced a groundbreaking CD-ROM, Virtual Gettysburg, which has been noted by some experts at Apple Computer as the most complex and fully realized integration of QuickTime, Flash and Director they have ever seen.

Having honed his chops as an interactive CD-ROM producer for such companies as Apple, Adobe and JPL/NASA, Recker started his current company, Another Software Miracle, in order to realize the Gettysburg project. "I fired all of my clients, mortgaged my house, teamed with designer Dan Parsons, and after five years we've released Virtual Gettysburg."

Providing an interactive tour of the famous Civil War battlefield, the CD ROM "merges historical stories with interactive technologies as never before," Recker says. "It is not a game. It is a very serious, historically accurate piece that is being used to educate 5th graders and West Point cadets alike."

In a previous life, Recker earned his Bachelor of Music from the legendary Berklee College of Music.

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