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July 1, 1863

McPherson's Ridge
The battle begins along the
Chambersburg Pike

Willoughby Run
General Archer’s Confederates meet
the Iron Brigade

The Railroad Cut
The fight for the colors of the
Second Mississippi

Oak Hill
Confederate reinforcements arrive
from the north
Barlow's Knoll
Union First breaks down
from right to left
Seminary Ridge
Union First Corp makes final stand
before retreating through town

Cemetery Hill
Union troops reorganize on high ground
south of town

July 2, 1863
Little Round Top
Confederate attack on Union left repulsed
at the point of a bayonet
Devil’s Den
Fighting intensifies as combat goes hand to hand amongst the rocks
The Wheatfield
One of the fiercest fights of the war leaves
6,000 dead and wounded among the wheat
The Peach Orchard
Barksdale’s Confederates smash into the
exposed Union line
Emmitsburg Road Ridge
Confederates momentarily breach Union line
on Cemetery Ridge
Culp’s Hill
Desperate evening attack against Union right flank foiled by breastworks
East Cemetery Hill
Louisiana Tigers end second day’s fighting with rare night attack against Union cannons
July 3, 1863

Spangler’s Spring
Early morning Union attack is longest
sustained action at Gettysburg

East Cavalry Battlefield
Jeb Stuart’s Confederate cavalry meets
General George Armstrong Custer
South Cavalry Battlefield
Ill fated Union cavalry charge against
Confederate right flank
Point Of Woods
Confederates array for attack as
cannonade precedes epic charge
Emmitsburg Road
Blood pools by roadside fences as Union cannons fire on Pickett’s stalled men
The Angle
Pickett’s charge culminates
at the bloody Angle
Soldier’s National Cemetery
Final resting place of 3,512 Union dead
dedicated by Abraham Lincoln

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