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Iverson's Brigade
Army CSA
Corps 2
Division 3
Brigade 3
Commander Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson
Location Oak Hill, southeast of Peace Memorial
C. S. A.
5th 12th 20th 23rd North Carolina Infantry

July 1. The Brigade was one of the first of the Division in the battle. It advanced against the Union line posted behind stone fence east of Forney Field. Its right being assailed by 2nd Brigade First Corps and its left exposed by the repulse of O'Neal a vigorous assault by Union forces in front and on left flank almost annihilated three regiments. The 12th Regiment on the right being sheltered by the knoll suffered slight loss and the remnants of the others joined Ramseur's Brigade and served with it throughout the battle.

July 2. Lay all day in the town. At dusk moved to aid in an attack on Cemetery Hill but two of Early's Brigades having been repulsed the Brigade withdrew.

July 3. With other brigades in the sunken road southwest of town. At night withdrew to Seminary Ridge.

July 4. Marched at 2 P. M. as wagon train guard on road to Hagerstown.

Present 1470 Killed 130 Wounded 382 Missing 308 Total 820

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