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Johnson's Division
Army CSA
Corps 2
Division 2
Brigade n/a
Commander Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson
Location East Confederate Avenue, center
Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson

Steuart's Brigade Brig. Gen. Geo. H. Steuart
Stonewall Brigade Brig. Gen. James A. Walker
Nicholl's Brigade Col. J. M. Williams
Jones Brigade Lieut. Col. R. H. Duncan
Artillery Battalion
Four Batteries Maj. J. W. Latimer
Capt. C. L. Raine

July 1.The Division arrived on the field too late to participate in the engagement of the day. Moved to the northeast of town during the night to take possession of wooded hill that commanded Cemetery Ridge.

July 2. Early in the morning skirmishers advanced and a desultory fire kept up. The artillery was posted on hill in rear of line and opened fire about 4 P. M. the infantry advanced to assault at dusk up the steep hill. Steuart's Brigade captured a line of works on the left. Firing continued at close range during night.

July 3. The assault was renewed in early morning. An attempt was made by the Union forces to retake the works occupied the night before and was repulsed. The Division being reinforced by four brigades two other assaults were made and repulsed. Retired at 10.30 A. M. to former position of July 2 which was held until 10 P. M. when the Division was withdrawn to the ridge northwest of town.

July 4. The Division took up the line of march during the day.

Casualties Killed 229 Wounded 1269 Missing 375 Total 1873

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