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Winds of Valor Discussions
We are proud to announce that Winds of Valor is hosting regular discussions in the Virtual Gettysburg Chat room Thurday nights at 9 pm EST. Here's the latest news: In the following weeks, we have Lt. Col (Ret'd) Wayne Wachsmuth, LBG; author John Imhof of "Gettysburg Day Two: A Study in Maps;" Historian John Rincon, on the Rose Farm; and then a demonstration of the latest in VIrtual Chat and Tour Technology. And don't forget our regularly scheduled Book Club meeting on Friday nights at 9 pm EST also - we are still talking about "Pickett's Charge" by George Stewart!

Winds of Valor is a group of authors, historians, artists, poets, researchers and others who wish to honor the Americans who fought, bled, and died for the beliefs on the fields of Gettysburg in 1863. They strive to honor them and preserve their memory by creating and maintaining a Compendium web site of all available information about this battle, to include articles, discussion boards, live internet presentations, records, diaries, genealogy, maps, art, photographs, and links to other available resources in a single, compiled, cross reference database, by using the latest technology available.

Use our searchable monument database to view images of your favorite monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Choose from hundreds of historic photographs.

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